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Beginning November 10th a limited menu is available. Please see below for pricing and menu options. Thank you for your patience. 

Let Schmidt's Pastry Cottage host your next event. Whether it be a Wedding Luncheon, Power Lunch, Bridal Shower, Youth Sports Banquet, or Company Party we have a menu that will fit your needs. Seating up to 62, 70" Flat Screen TV, Linens, Beautiful Centerpieces, and a professional and friendly staff are all available (South Jordan Location Only)!

  • Prices, Policies and Additional Info.

    Banquet Room Prices

    Wedding Luncheons and Dinners-** UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE **
    * $400 Room Rental Fee (room rental fee does not include food)
    * 2 Hours included in rental
    * $100 per additional hour
    * Menu item must be plated and served
    * Minimum of 32 guests (if minimum is not reached, you will be billed for 32 plates)
    * One menu item must be selected for all guests

    Business Meetings and Showers
    * A room rental fee of $75 per hour will be charged (room rental does not include food)
    * $100 per additional hour

    Wedding Receptions and Ceremonies-** UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE **
    * $500 room rental fee for Banquet Room (room rental fee does not include food)
    * Additional $100 rental fee for Patio
    * Two hours will be allotted for your event
    * $100 per additional hour


    * Linen Fee with Centerpieces $12.00/table (Linen Fee waived for Wedding Luncheons, Dinners, and Receptions)
    Includes round tables, two linen tablecloths (one base linen and one topper linen), linen napkins, and beautiful centerpiece with your choice of ribbon color.

     Policies and Additional Information

    * Most prices are on a “per person” basis
     * There will be an 18% gratuity fee added to all orders.
     * A non-refundable $75 deposit is required to reserve your date (deposit will be deducted from final total).
     * Changes to your menu cannot be made within 72 hours of event.
     * No outside food or drink is allowed
     * If additional items are needed to replenish trays during your event, additional charges will be billed accordingly.
     * Banquet room is equipped to accommodate a maximum of 62 guests
     * 70” flat screen TV available. Must supply your own HDMI and Ethernet cables, or burned DVD/Blue Ray.
     * We recommend you come in advance to check all cords and cables for your technical needs.

    * Banquet Room hours are 7 AM - 5 PM Monday thru Wednesday and 7 AM - 7 PM Thursday thru Saturday. An after hours fee of $100 will be charged per hour after regular business hours. 

  • Breakfast Menu

    All breakfast items served with Orange Juice

    Minimum of 32 Guests for Banquet to be plated and served. Choice of one menu item for entire party. 

    Breakfast Plates
    Light Breakfast $11.95
    Cheesy Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, and your choice of Meat

    “Just Right” Breakfast $13.95
    Cheesy Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, your choice of Meat, and Fruit Cup

    Traditional French Toast or Schmidt’s Specialty French Toast $10.99
    Traditional:  French toast you will love, made on our freshly baked white bread. Served with scrambled eggs.
    Schmidt’s Specialty: French toast made from our made from scratch apple cinnamon bread. Served with scrambled eggs

    Danish Platter (serves 18-24) $46.49
    Fresh baked Danish and Donuts to fill your tray.

    Danish Selections
    Cream Cheese, Cherry, Cherry/Cheese, Raspberry, Lemon, Bear Claw, Baked Cinnamon Roll, Orange Butterflake Roll or Crispy

    Donut Selections
    Apple Fritter, Bismark, Cinnamon Cake, Blue Berry Cake, Applesauce Cake, White Cake with Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing, Glazed, Glazed with Chocolate Icing, Cinnamon Twist, Fried Cinnamon Roll, Maple Bar, Chocolate Bar, or Old Fashioned.

    Fruit Tray (serves 18-24) $76.99
    Enjoy fresh seasonal fruit arranged on a beautiful tray.

  • Lunch Menu

    All lunches are served with Fruit Punch and Water

    Minimum of 32 Guests for Banquet to be plated and served. Choice of one menu item for the entire party.

    Sandwich Plate $13.99
    Served with your choice of deli sandwich, deli salad (fruit cup, potato salad, or pasta salad), pickle spear, and brownie or éclair
    Choice of Fresh Baked Bread:  100% Multi-Grain Wheat, Croissant, or Focaccia
    Choice of Toppings: Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions, Sprouts, Banana Peppers, Pickles
    Choice of Dressing: Mayo, Mustard, or homemade Ranch
    Choice of Sandwich: Turkey Breast w/ cheese, Turkey with Bacon & Tomato, Chicken Salad (all white meat)

    Alfredo with Grilled Chicken Breast $16.99
    Rich cream sauce spiked with Toasted Fresh Garlic, and Parmigiano Reggiano, then highlighted with tender succulent Charbroiled Chicken. Served with a green salad and fresh baked roll.

    Vegetable Tray (serves 24-30) $65.99
    Vegetables arranged delicately on a beautiful tray. Served with homemade creamy Ranch Dressing.

    Fruit Tray (serves 24-30) $76.99
    Enjoy fresh seasonal fruit arranged on a beautiful tray.

    Punch Bowl (serves 20) $19.99
    Limeade, Sprite, and fresh sliced cucumbers


    All entrees include fresh roll, green salad, Water and Fruit Punch.
    Minimum of 32 Guests for Banquet to be plated and served. Choice of one menu item for entire party. 
    Plated dessert may be added for an additional $2.50

    Chicken Cordon Bleu $18.99
    Breaded Chicken Breast filled with Swiss Cheese and Ham. Topped with a white cream sauce. Served with a Vegetable Medley and Rice Pilaf.

    Chicken Burreblanc $16.99
    Grilled Chicken Breast topped with a Lemon and Herb Butter Sauce. Served with Rice Pilaf and a Vegetable Medley.

    Turkey Dinner $17.99
    Everything you enjoy about Thanksgiving Dinner! Tender white turkey breast, made from scratch mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and vegetable medley. Served with homemade cranberry sauce.

    Garlic Roast $18.99
    Mashed Potatoes, savory Gravy and Herb Butter Vegetable Medley.

  • Platters and Buffet Items

    Mini Sandwich Platter $3.49/Sandwich
    An assortment of Turkey & Cheese, Chicken Salad, and Ham & Cheese sandwiches on our fresh baked Mini Maxi Rolls and/or Mini Croissants

    Bowl of Green Salad $3.50/serving
    Your choice of one of our Signature Salads (Berry Poppy Salad, Southwest Salad, Caesar Salad, Teriyaki Bowtie Spinach Salad, Garden Fresh Salad with Ranch). Salads do not include grilled chicken. 

    Bowl of Potato Salad: $3.50/serving

    Vegetable Tray (serves 24-30) $65.99
    Vegetables arranged delicately on a beautiful tray. Served with homemade creamy Ranch Dressing.

    Fruit Tray (serves 24-30)  $76.99
    Enjoy fresh seasonal fruit arranged on a beautiful tray.

    Sheet of Quiche (serves 48) $65.00 (Broccoli Cheese) or $75.00 (Ham and Cheese)    
    Made from scratch quiche will be the prefect addition to any brunch menu! Your choice of Broccoli Cheese or Ham and Cheese.

    Punch Bowl (serves 20) $24.00
    Limeade, Sprite, and fresh sliced cucumbers

    Pitchers of Soda $8.99/pitcher
    Your choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Root Beer, or Dr. Pepper. Pitchers are refillable.

    Dessert Tray $3.49/person
    Chocolate Brownies, Mint Brownies, Éclairs, Cream Puffs, Haystacks, Lemon Bars, Magic Bars, Petifores, Rumballs, Rolled or Flat Florentines,Toscos, Sugar Cookies, German Choc. Cookies, Mint Cookies, and Macaroons.

  • Hor D'oeuvres

    Artichoke Spinach Dip (Serves 24) $53.99
    Served with Artisan Bread Flutes

    Chicken Satay $36.85/doz. (5 doz. minimum order)
    Succulent Chicken Skewers with choice of spice: Lemon Herb or Teriyaki

    Meatballs $3.50/person
    Choice of Swedish Meatballs in a Sour Cream Brown Gravy or Sweet and Sour Meatballs

    Breaded Chicken Strips $26.49/doz. (5 doz. minimum order)
    Served with your choice of dipping sauce: Apricot Chili, Thai Ginger Sesame, or Cilantro Lime.